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CISLS Salon | CUI Zhiyuan: A Comparative Study of the Modernity Theories of Anger and Blumenberg
2023-09-11 from:CISLS preview:

CISLS Salon | CUI Zhiyuan: A Comparative Study of the Modernity Theories of Anger and Blumenberg


CUI Zhiyuan: Professor and supervisor of Ph.D. candidates of the School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University, introduced by Tsinghua University under the Hundred Talent Program. He received his doctoral degree in political science from University of Chicago, USA in 1995 and worked as associate professor in the Department of Political Science of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1995—2003).His publications includes: “The Dilemma of Invisible Hand Paradigm”(1999, Economic Science Publisher, Beijing; “The Second Thought Liberalization Movement and Institutional Innovation”(Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 1997), “Whither China?”(Seoul, 2003). He is a co-author (with Adam Przeworski et al) of “Sustainable Democracy”(Cambridge University Press, 1995) and the editor of Robert Unger’s “Politics”(Verso, 1997). With Gan Yang, he co-edited “The Political Economy of Reform in China” (Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, 1997). With Huang Ping, he co-edited “China and Globalization: Washington Consensus, Beijing Consensus or what?” (Beijing, 2005). His recent essays are translated into Korean as The Manifesto for Petty Bourgeois Socialism ( 2014). Since 2018, he serves as a member of academic committee of the Holberg Prize.

Content Introduction:
Robert Unger, a Pound Professor of Jurisprudence at Harvard Law School, published a three volume book titled "Politics: A Work in Constructive Social Theory" at Cambridge University Press in 1987. In 1997, at the invitation of Anger, the speaker of this lecture, CUI Zhiyuan, compiled a three volume concise book on "Politics" and published it at Verso Publishing House in London. In the introduction of the simplified edition, the speaker of this lecture has already mentioned the relationship between Engel's theory and the modernity theory of the German philosopher Hans Blumenberg. This lecture will further explore the relationship and inspiration of Anger and Blumenberg's theory of modernity based on their works published after 1997, particularly the "Blumenberg Reader" published by Cornell University Press in 2020 and the "World and Us" will be
published by Anger at Random House in 2024.

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