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Center for Artificial Intelligence Governance and Law

     As the driver for the next round of scientific and technological revolution, the development of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence has been bringing challenges as well as vitality into the discipline of law. Joining the trend of the time, answering the call of the nation, and making full use of the strengths of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Institute for Socio-Legal Studies and the Institute of Artificial Intelligence jointly established the Center for Artificial Intelligence Governance and Law, aiming to create a world-class academic platform to facilitate the integration between law and technology.  

     The Center will promote interdisciplinary researches between social and natural sciences, introducing intellectual resources from Artificial Intelligence and Big Data into the field of law, exploring new research paradigm in the area of law, society and governance. The center will advance the study in governance framework and mechanism design for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, create a multi-norm system covering policy, ethics, and law, and bring about synergy between technological and institutional innovations. Moreover, the center will facilitate international academic cooperation and improve the partnership between academia and industry.

     The center conducts research on a variety of different topics, including legal artificial intelligence, the application of legal big data, network and data security, and institutional governance for data. Professor JI Weidong, University Professor of Humanity and Social Sciences of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is the director of the center. His research focuses on Artificial Intelligence governance, data-driven society, and law. 



The Director: Prof. Ji Weidong