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In Memory of Professor Jiang Ping
2023-12-29 from:CISLS preview:

In Memory of Professor Jiang Ping

Jiang Ping, born in December 1930, is a native of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. He is a professor and doctoral supervisor. Graduated from the Journalism Department of Yanjing University and the Law Department of Moscow University, he served as Vice-President and President of the China University of Political Science and Law from 1983 to 1990; he was a member of the Standing Committee of the Seventh National People's Congress and Deputy Director of the Legal Committee of the National People's Congress; and Vice-President of the China Law Society from 1988 to 1992. On 12 October 2001, he was awarded the title of "Professor for Life" of the China University of Political Science and Law.

Professor Jiang Ping died at 12.28 p.m. on 19 December 2023 in Beijing at the age of 94 after failing to recover from his illness.

Jiang Ping is the spiritual pillar of China's jurisprudence, a titanic figure whose influence has long gone beyond the realm of academia. As one of the main founders of China's civil and commercial jurisprudence, he has made remarkable achievements, participated in the formulation of the General Principles of Civil Law, served as the head of the drafting team for the Trust Law and the Contract Law, was in charge of the compilation of the Civil Code, and also played an important role in the formulation of the Company Law, the Contract Law, and the Property Law. He is a famous legal thinker, engaged in the foundation work of legal academics in the period of change, and played the role of flag-bearer in different periods; he is also a famous legal educator, not only one of the outstanding founders of China University of Political Science and Law, where he taught, but also a pioneer of contemporary legal education in China; he is also a veritable social activist, whose figure is active in the legislature, the judiciary, the government, and the enterprises and so on, adhering to the unity of knowledge and practice, and sparing no effort to participate in social practice, especially in the construction of the legal system. (Evaluation by China Economic Weekly)